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What is Lets Pray?

Let's Pray Pico Rivera Praying HandsIn the summer of 2010, Pastor Hans Bletterman from Pico Rivera Friends Church began to pray for God’s leading for the coming months. He was strongly considering getting another part-time job to help pay bills and make life a little less stressful financially for his family, or he was considering diving more deeply in ministry.

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Why we pray

Let's Pray Pico Rivera Praying ManMost of us deal with all sorts of stress and difficulty throughout our day.  Some of us have bills that keep piling up, others of us have relational struggles with a family member or friend, we have struggle at work, stress at school, we have pain because of injury or sickness.  But what do we do with all that stress?

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Need prayer?

Let's Pray Pico Rivera Praying ManThe Bible calls us to pray together and for each other.  In 2 Corinthians 13:9 it says,  “…We pray hard that it will all come together in your lives.”

We would love to pray for you.  In good times and bad, in triumphs and struggles.  Please allow us to walk with you in your journey.

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