In the summer of 2010, Pastor Hans Bletterman from Pico Rivera Friends Church began to pray for God’s leading for the coming months. He was strongly considering getting another part-time job to help pay bills and make life a little less stressful financially for his family, or he was considering diving more deeply in ministry.

While praying, Hans got this idea… what if every church in Pico Rivera put up a banner saying, “LET’S PRAY” so that anyone driving around town could see this message again and again? And what if, we had a website address on each of the banners that could allow people to share their most urgent prayer requests and know that people would be praying for them? And what if, we gathered together people who were passionate about praying for the needs of others and for the city of Pico Rivera every week to pray? As the summer continued, pastor Hans could not get these thoughts out of his mind. For several nights he was not able to sleep until he committed himself to achieving this vision.

As pastor Hans went and spoke to the different pastors in the city he could not believe how enthusiastic the other pastors were. Within in a very short time he had the support of 12 churches in the city that would be a part of the Let’s Pray vision. In the same way, God provided people to make the website and make the banners.

Together it is our hope that the City of Pico Rivera can be known as a praying city. That everywhere one goes within the city there will be an encouragement for prayer. And from this prayer we will see a transformation of LIGHT and HOPE.