Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the “Let’s Pray Vision.”

The main way everyone can get involved is by committing yourself to pray for the people we are around daily. Pray for your children, your family, pray for your friends and co-workers and bosses. Pray for our city, our State and our Country. Know that when we work, we work, but when we pray God works.

Another way you can contribute to the “Let’s Pray Vision,” is by joining our prayer meetings, which occur weekly and rotate between the “Let’s Pray Churches” in Pico Rivera. These prayer meetings are the power plant of our movement. It will be at these meetings that we will lift up the prayer requests we receive along with the needs of our city. This will not be a time to chitchat or socialize. It will be about PRAYING.

Along with joining our prayer team, we will need people to man our “Let’s Pray Prayer Booth that we will set up during city functions. We will also need people to join our door-to-door team who will pass out flyers and collect prayer requests.

Aside from these few ideas, the sky is the limit. Just as there are no limits to the effects of prayer, there are no limits to the ways we can develop ministries where we pray for people.