Testimony of what God is doing at El Rancho High school

Alexandra Martinez


One day, my friend was really upset about all the problems in her life.  After our basketball practice, she decided to come to my house and talk about it because she always tells me what’s going in her life.  She started pouring out all that was going on with her family, school, boys, and more.  I was giving her advice, but then something in me went…This is the perfect time to tell her about my savior Jesus and the Lord!  I started speaking up and told her how different her life could be if she accepted God in her life and formed a relationship with Him.  He’s always there to protect you in his arms and fix any problems you may have as long as you tell him about it and he takes care of it all.  If you trust in God he’ll guarantee you a good life.  All you have to do is pray to Him and do what the word of God says.  With God in your life, you always know you’re going to be okay because his love is unconditional and he’ll always be there for you.  She was amazed and said she wanted to find God because she had nowhere else to turn to.  At that moment I invited her to come with me on Wednesday to my church, Hope Community, and the youth group we have every night, SOZO.  She accepted the invitation and then at that moment God spoke to me to invite another friend of mine on the Varsity Basketball team.  I immediately invited her, and to my surprise, she was thrilled.  The next day she couldn’t wait to go because she secretly always heard me speak the word of God to my friends and became more and more interested.  She just never knew how to tell me, but she said I really spoke out to her and now she is working on a relationship with God, as well as my other friend.  Every day, when I get the chance, I tell my friends about the Lord hoping one day they choose to accept Him as their savior and make a change in their lives.

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  • Hans says:


    Thank you for being obedient to Christ’s call in your life. You are an inspiration to all of us in Pico Rivera.

    Romans chapter 10 tells us that there is nothing more beautiful than those who bring the good news about Jesus.

    Thank you for allowing Christ to shine in you.

    Pastor Hans
    Let’s Pray