The Blessings of Losing Your Wallet, by Pastor Hans

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Have you ever lost your wallet?  What a pain!

On New Years Day I spent the morning joining some friends to play Basketball.  After some time on the court, we decided to go to McDonald’s.  Later that day I suddenly realized I did not know where my wallet was.  After turning the house up-side-down and tearing the seats out of my car (I might be exaggerating a bit), I realized that my wallet was lost.  I went to McDonald’s to see if someone had turned in a wallet, but no luck.  I got on the phone and canceled my credit cards and ordered new ones.  I was just sick.  Of course I prayed.  I prayed while I was tearing up the house.  I prayed while I was searching my car.  I prayed when I went to McDonald’s.  Mostly, I prayed that I would not get so upset that I would take out my misfortune on my kids and my wife.  On Sunday, I mentioned that I lost my wallet during my sermon.  I didn’t plan on doing that… but it just came out.  What I didn’t know is that my ten year old daughter was also praying. In fact, I learned later that she had been praying just as much, if not more than me.  She even asked several people at church to pray that her dad would find his wallet.  So that when we got a call from our old landlord, whose address was on my drivers license, that someone dropped off my wallet in his mailbox, I heard my daughter jump up and down behind me and yell, “GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYER!  GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYER! GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYER!  At that moment, I realized that my daughter will always remember how God answered her prayer about her dad’s wallet.  Whenever, someone might tell her that God doesn’t care, or that He does not answer prayer, she will remember her dad’s wallet.  Suddenly, losing my wallet was not such a bad thing.  God answered my 10 year old daughter’s prayer.

If you have a story of how God answered Your prayers, I would love to hear about it.  Write it in the comment section of this post and share it with the rest of us.

Blessing to you,

Pastor Hans

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