The Miracle of a Second Chance: The Testimony of David Hernandez

Last year David Hernandez was fighting a losing battle with pancreatic cancer. Thinking he only had only weeks to live, David reached out to an old friend named Louis Ventura to help him put his affairs in order. When David called Louis he was at a weekly men’s prayer meeting. David shared about his condition to Louis over the telephone at the men’s meeting. Louis had the men pray for David, each of them touching the phone as they prayed. As they prayed, the men boldly sought God for David’s healing and that he would be able to restore his relationships. One month later David Hernandez walked into the men’s prayer meeting unaided and feeling terrific. The doctors were stunned by David’s recovery. David was able to literally come out of his death bed and enjoy a second chance at life. In that month David was able to reconcile with his wife and be restored into his church family. Although David still has health challenges, he is evidence of God’s miraculous touch and the power of prayer!

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  • Barbara Tucker says:

    David came to His wife’s church,Lord’s Vineyard in Pico Rivera,about a year ago. At that time we knew he only had weeks to live. But God poured His love into David and He answered our prayers to give David more time with Kathy (his wife), his daughter (Amy)and with us. He joined the worship team, and when he sang the sound was like that of an angel. He participated in every meeting and fellowship event. Last Tuesday at the Pico Prayer Meeting, David sang his last song for us. He died on Thursday.

  • Brandilyn says:

    You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wathicng for your posts.