The Result of Years of Prayer in Pico Rivera by Ted and Linda Segawa

Maybe 20-30 years ago, a small group of Pico Rivera pastors prayed together for the City and the people. It was called the Pico Rivera Ministerial Prayer Fellowship. In January 2000, we were led by the Holy Spirit to worship and minister in the City of Pico Rivera. A series of events led to the start of an annual National Day of Prayer Breakfast. That nucleus of pastors now has grown and 33 churches are acknowledged in the City.
A donation, came by way of a stranger in 2000, to hold a retreat at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu for ten Pico Rivera pastors. Tim Barta was the keynote speaker as we recall. Since then, the pastoral and associate fellowship has grown. The Pastors Prayer Fellowship meets monthly for fellowship and breakfast, always with prayer for one another.
Who, but God, knew that the community would need to come together to pray after 9/11 disaster? Long before the disaster, A Night of Prayer had already being planned at El Rancho High School Stadium. The event had to overcome several obstacles, but had the support of the school administrators and city officials. 17 pastors and a combined worship choir/band brought the program.
The City reached out to the churches to boycott an adult entertainment business, which they did. The business is outside city limits. City asked for help for Community Pride Day to clean up parks and schools. For two summers, churches have helped feed meals to children. What a blessing they’ve been! At least four churches are regularly providing food for the less fortunate. One or two smaller churches are committing money to help. Make no mistake, the City takes notice of the contributions churches are making in the community.
Yes, God’s work is at hand here in the City, Dons 4 Christ at El Rancho is growing stronger with actually two groups meeting, one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday. Church youth leaders are meeting together and youth groups are becoming stronger. The young people pray ahead of time for God to point them to the people who need prayer. They have even gone to shopping centers as a group to do this. Praise God! At times, more than a 100 students come to hear the Word, many receiving the Lord for the first time and others dedicating their lives to Christ. El Rancho will have its third annual baccalaureate service on Sunday 12. This has been special to the graduating seniors and their family members who are unable to get tickets to the graduation ceremony. While in their caps and gowns, seniors will be blessed with encouraging messages from various Pico Rivera pastors.
The Let’s Pray group started this January with banners at 12 churches and hoping for more churches to join. Under the strong leadership of Hans Bletterman, churches met on Tuesday nights in January and February. Richard Ochoa hosted for March and Drew Koen will host for April. Understandably churches have their own obligations on Tuesday, but the turnout has been great, running 35 to as many as 55! We are all excited about this!
Recently Tony Burgueno brought up having another fellowship over a meal. Your idea of an “pastors & spouses retreat” is good. Available dates are few because of upcoming special spring events. We can start small. Looking back, we now understand that God required more of us all to get to the point we are today, and more shall be required.
The vision that God gave us back in 2000 was to support the pastors in the City of Pico Rivera. He also gave us a goalfor the churces to fill the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, seating capacity of 6,250. God will sure be blessed to see a gathering of believers praying for unbelievers from the City of Pico Rivera and surrounding communities! We patiently wait and pray for that day to come.

Ted and Linda Segawa

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