Our Incredibly Ambitious Goals

1.  To make the phrase, “LET’S PRAY”, the most recognized message in the City of Pico Rivera.

2.  To reach the City of Pico Rivera for Jesus, using our greatest spiritual weapon, PRAYER.

3.  To unite with all the churches in Pico Rivera to pray for each household in our city.

To date:

  • We organized a coalition of 11 churches in Pico Rivera who share our goals and proudly display our LET’S PRAY banners.
  • We  joined together every Tuesday since January 12th to pray for our city.
  • We produced a website that is continually growing popularity and influence.

Coming soon:

  • To have posters and lawn signs displayed in businesses and on front lawns.
  • To develop teams to go out in the City of Pico Rivera and set up booths to pray for people who have needs.
  • To develop teams to go into the neighborhoods of Pico Rivera and offer prayer.
  • To look for other cities and churches who would like to partner with us in spreading the message of LET’S PRAY.

How to pray

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